Dance Workshop

Meet the Asian bodies: Experience, Dance, and Create

In Asia, there are great local performing arts and dances. With contemporary artists succeed in Japan and Hong Kong, this workshop brings you to experience Asian bodies and find a dance in yourself.

Wonderful 4 artists will give you workshop. Don’t miss it!

    Hugh Cho, young choreographer, based in Hong Kong and receiving a lot of attention in the world.
    Choi Chi Wei, Chinese Opera Actor, succeed internationally.
    Yuka Ogata, choreographer challenges from modern dance to Kagura.
    Remon Nakanishi, multi-talented, unique performer, researcher of the local performing arts.
September 22nd (Thu)
13:00-15:00 | break | 15:30-17:30

Venue:Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum Art Studio

no fees, reservations needed

Reservation and Contact:YUKIMI Ballet Contempora Square

  • No dance experience required. Ages over 17.
  • Reservations needed. Call by telephone or send an email with your name, age and your phone number.
  • We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken.
  • Come in the clothes which are easy to move a body.

Program Schedule

13:00-15:00 Japan Side
In Japan, there are many local performing arts handed down to today.
Dance is an important part of them, for example, Kagura, Buddhist invocation dance, Ukitate etc.
These dance has an element of pray, its choreography has been based on motif from daily life, and passed along to today.
Let’s experience these dance together and expand our imagination and creativity.

“From people’s dance” by Remon Nakanishi
In summer, we have Bon Dance. It has got different music at each local place, but there are some common gestures. This workshop brings you to imagine people’s dance through these gestures.
“Let’s Dance Kagura” by Yuka Ogata
Kagura (sacred dancing performed at a shrine) has got many kinds. Some of them are pray for harvest, some of them are dance for purification. Try one of Kagura, and touch its world!

15:30-17:30 Hong Kong Side
Chinese Opera is Chinese classic theatre with 220 years history. There are some common points with Kabuki theatre, as flamboyant costumes and make up, and taking “Mie” pose. There are many kinds of Chinese Opera, the most famous one is Beijing Opera, and in Hong Kong has got Cantonese Opera played with Cantonese.
Experience the body approaching both contemporary and traditional!

“Introduction of Chinese Opera” Choi Chi Wei
5 elements in Chinese Opera, ‘hands’, ‘eyes’, ‘torso’, ‘steps’, ‘method’.
You can’t miss the demonstration and lecture by Chinese Opera master!
“Create dance phrase” Hugh Cho
Contemporary dance choreographer based in Hong Kong, will share some of his exercise and develop a short phrase. Let’s dance and enjoy!