About this year’s program

JCDN International Dance in Residence Exchange Project vol.6
2016 Japan- Hong Kong International Exchange

Naha – Bise – Sapporo
The journey to meet Asian bodies – Traditional and Contemporary

Project Outline

From September 16th to October 10th 2016, Artists in residence will be held in Okinawa (Naha and Bise) and Sapporo. During this residence 4 artists will create woks inspired the Asian traditional performing arts, classic dance with the eyes of contemporary artists.
The residence artists are Hugo Cho (performer and choreographer) and Choi Chi Wei (Chinese Opera Actor) from Hong Kong, Yuka Ogata (choreographer of Contemporary dance and Kagura (sacred dancing performed at a shrine)) and Remon Nakanishi (performer, visual artist, and researcher of the local performing arts) from Japan.
In Okinawa, 4 artists will learn Okinawa traditional dance and Okinawa Karate. They work on三岔口――SAMCHAHOU” with the feeling of Okinawa nowadays.
on October 8th, in Sapporo, their work-in-progress performance will be performed at the end of residence
Mr. Hisashi Shimoyama and Ms. Yukimi Chibana are the coordinators in Okinawa.
Mr. Shimoyama took the part to introduce Okinawa classic dance and traditional performing arts to 4 residence artists, Ms. Chibana coordinated residency program in Okinawa and workshop opened for public.
In Sapporo, Ms. Chize Saito from NPO Concarino coordinated the work-in-progress showing and the forum on AIR.
This project also aims to expand the importance of AIR program in Okinawa, Sapporo.

Project history : Selection of Residency Artists

Daniel Yeung, choreographer, curator in Hong Kong took a part of coordinator in Hong Kong. JCDN selected Hugh Cho of 6 candidates. As a Japanese collaborators, Program Director selected contemporary artists working on Japanese traditional performing arts.


Naha September 16th -23rd
Research on Performing arts history and culture, also issue in Okinawa. Taking lectures on Okinawa classic dance and Okinawa Karate during creation. On September 22nd, 4 artists will held workshop which local people can participate.

Bise September 23rd – 30th
Creation in residence in Bise, the place of the Nature and many local rituals remained. Will have opportunities to meet local performing arts in Bise.

Sapporo October 1st -10th
Intensive rehearsal in Studio and work-in-progress showing on October 8th.
On 9th, will held forum to expand the importance of AIR program. The residency artist will report the process, and invited panelist from Hong Kong, Okinawa, Sapporo will introduce some examples on AIR.
On 10th, will have the closing session with residency artists.

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