Exchange Program(Hong Kong)

As the Exchange Program, Japanese Artists will do residency creation. We’ve chosen Tomoco KAWAGUCHI, Theatre Director, who has worked with Hong Kong artists for some years as Absolute “Absolute Airplane”project. As collaborators, a Noh artist from Japan, and a dancer/choreographer and a Cantonese Opera artist from Hong Kong will join this program.

Residence Artists
JAPAN>>Tomoco Kawaguchi(Theatre Director) Hikaru Uzawa(Noh Artist)
HONG KONG>>Chloe Wong (Choreographer/Dancer)Paris Wong(Cantonese Opera Artist)


Creation in Residence : #2戀鳥歌-LUEN NIU GOHー
Directed by Tomoco Kawaguchi
Performed by Hikaru Uzawa, Chloe Wong, Paris Wong

The wind blows, from West to East, from North to South.
The Moon right above us brightens more.
Sometime hidden by clouds, and appears again, a big eye.
Two bats bring your words.
Now, sing for me.

Residency schedule : December 20th 2016 – January 5th 2017
Showing:January 4th CCDC Studio
Residency Place:City Contemporary Dance Company(CCDC)/Dance Centre

As a partner, City Contemporary Dance Company(CCDC)/Dance Centre , the dance company which has lead Contemporary Dance scene in Hong Kong, will provide Accommodation and Studio for rehearsal and showing.

City Contemporary Dance Company(CCDC)/Dance Centre
For 37 years under the leadership of Founder and Artistic Director Willy Tsao, City Contemporary Dance Company has inspired and excited audiences – not only in Hong Kong but also around the world – performing superb contemporary dance pieces. Founded in 1979, CCDC has presented more than 200 original works to critical acclaim, including productions by Tsao and other leading choreographers, such as Helen Lai, Mui Cheuk-yin, Pun Siu-fai and Yuri Ng. CCDC has also presented innovative collaborations with outstanding artists from other media and with artists from around the world. CCDC is renowned for reflecting the vigour and creativity of Hong Kong’s vibrant, multifaceted contemporary culture, presenting dance works to an audience of more than 50,000 people annually.