Past Projects

About past five projects
This five-year project had done with support from the Agency For Cultural Affairs Government of Japan from 2011 to 2015.

FY2011: Japan Finland International Exchange
Invited artist::Ervi Siren
Through the partnership between JCDN and Zodiak from Finland, two works have been created:
In November 2010, ZodiaK and JCDN selected Ervi Siren from Finland and Sakamoto Kosei from Japan who to stay in each other’s country, and work with dancers from the respective countries to create a piece each.(Subsidy: The Saison Foundation, for three fiscal years)
1st FY: Creation and premiere;
2nd FY: The pieces were shown at dance festivals in both countries;
3rd FY: Shown at Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting seeking further touring possibilities.

KITE, chor. Ervi Siren
In the summer of 2011, after she showed her own choreographies at the Bird Theater Festival in Tottori, Japan, Ervi Siren selected five Japanese dancers in Tokyo through auditions: Masaru Kakio, Takao Kawaguchi, Koji Tamamura, Takiko Iwabuchi and Yumi Tateishi. Together with Takayuki Fujimoto, lighting designer from Japan, and Aake Otsal, music composer from Finland, they began residency and creation in January 2012.
In February 2012, we did a work-in-progress presentation at TPAM’s Performing Arts AIR Meeting. Venue: BankART Studio NYK in Yokohama, Japan)
March 2012: Premiere at Kyoto Arts Center. Two performances. (Co-organizer: Kyoto Arts Center)

Haigafuru (Ash Is Falling), chor. Kosei Sakamoto
In the summer of 2011, after showing his own piece at the Full Moon Dance Festival in Finland, Kosei Sakamoto selected five local dancers through auditions.

In March 2012, together with Takayuki Fujimoto, lighting designer, and Toru Yamanaka, music composer, from Japan, they began residency and creation at ZODIAK in Helsinki. (Organized by Japan Foundation Performing Arts Japan Program)

In April 2012, the piece was premiered in Helsinki as Zodiak’s season program. Six performances.

June: KITE at the Kuopio Dance Festival in Finland. Two performaces, with subsidy from Japan Foundation. http://kuopiodancefestival.fl/en/home
July: Haigafuru at the Full Moon Dance Festival in Finland. One performance.
September: KITE and Haigafuru were performed together as one program at the 5th BIRD Theatre Festival in Japan. Two performances.

February: KITE and Haigafuru were shown as one program at TPAM’s International Showcases. One performance.

2012-13: Japan Korea International Exchange

Invited artist: Jong Young-Doo
2012: baram
2013: Karasu to Kasagi (The Crow And the Magpie)
While going back and forth between Korea and Japan, Korean choreographer Jong Young-Doo worked with dancers from Korea and Japan, musicians and artists of theater, fine art and visual art to create a dance piece as well as a theater piece, art installation and video works. On the theme of history, culture and races of Korea and Japan, they conducted research and interviews with people in Fukuoka, Japan for their creation. In the second year in 2013, together with dancers from Korea and Japan, Jong created a dance piece based on the story he wrote using elements from ancient legends and folk stories of the two countries. The piece is scheduled to tour in Japan and Korea in the coming years.

Kyoto A.I.R. Alliance Festival 2014
JCDN International Dance In Residence Exchange Project Vol. 4
2014 Japan US International Exchange

Invited artist: Nora Chipaumire

The festival invited Nora Chipaumire, dancer and choreographer from Zimbabwe, currently based in New York City, for a one-month long residency in August 2014. She created and presented “Portrait of Myself as My Father” the work-in-progress of the following two pieces at Kyoto Art Center.

“Portrait of Myself as My Father”

Work-in-progress presentation: 22nd, 23rd of August, 2014

Choreography and Dance: Nora Chipaumire
Stage Manager: Shuji Hamamura
Lighting Design: Asako Miura, Norie Mogi
Costume: Atsuko Kiyokoawa
Dancer: Masaru kakio, Kentaro Sato

NEPPU a performance written and directed by Naoto Iina.
Chipaumire participates in the project with her dance. This is a collaboration piece involving a few Japanese contemporary artists of different disciplines.
Work-in-progress presentation: 30th, 31st of August, 2014


[Cast / Staff]
Written, directed and film by Naoto Iina
Photographs: Masaki Hirano (Photographers Brigade Without Borders)
Performance: Uichiro Fueda
Choreography and dance: Nora Chipaumire
Music: ShinBow
Appearance in film: Takao Kawaguchi
Sound recording: Thomas Stenzel (Russia); Roya Eshraghi (Cuba); Adla Isanovic (Sarajevo)
Translation and interpreting: Caitlin Coker
Assistants in Okinawa: Hiroya, Maeda, Chikako Yamashiro (Director, Suijo no Hito Production)
Supported by: Hitoshi Suzuki (Secretariat Photographers Brigade Without Borders), Chizuko Nishii, Marina Grzinic, Haruka Hama
Stage staff: Tatsuki Imamura, Yuki Goda, Akihisa Yamamoto

Installation NEPPU
2nd through Sunday 7th of September, 2014
Hirano Masaki’s photographs (“After the Festival”, “Cuba”, “Holes”) as well as Iina Naoto’s video and script for the performance NEPPU have exhibited
Kyoto Arts Center (“Kodo” Auditorium)

JCDN International Dance In Residence Exchange Project VOL.5
2015 Japan US International Exchange
“2015 International Theater Okinawa for Young Audience”

Invited artist: Nora Chipaumire
[When] July26th-August3rd
[Venue] Miako Island, Naha, Bise, Ie Island

Nora Chipaumire, dancer and choreographer from Zimbabwe, currently based in New York City, held one month of residency in Okinawa. She was traveling around four regions; Miyako, Naha, Bise, and Ie island, and created works inspired by each location’s nature, customs, while incorporating the region’s traditional performing arts.
During the residency, she also held workshops at each locations.
Her work was performed as work-in-progress performance at Ie Island at the end of July.
Two dancers and voice performers who participated in “Portrait of Myself as My Father,” which was performed in Kyoto last year, and Shinbow, a musician from Motobu-Town, Okinawa, joined.
This project had been recorded in a video. It was documented and edited by Chikako Yamashiro, a visual artist from Naha, Okinawa.

Residency Schedule in Okinawa
●Miyako: July 3rd-9th ●Naha: July 10th-13th 
●Ie Island: July 14th–20th, July 25th–31st
●Bise: July 21st–24th ●Naha: August 2nd

Winds of Africa, Winds of Ryukyu 724 Bisezaki’s Night
The hot night to enjoy local performing art in Bise. Don’t miss the session of Nora and ShinBow!

Bise July24th (Fri) Open: 18:30 Performance begins: 19:30/ no fees
Venue: Pension Bisezaki
Address: 1024 Bise, Motobu-Town, Kunigami, Okinawa
Co-organizer: Restraint Misaki/ Pension Bisezaki

“a prayer ” ―the creation at Okinawa・work-in-progress―
Ie Island July31st (Fri) Open19:00 Performance begins: 19:30/ no fee 
Venue:Outdoor Event Hall in front of Ie Farm Village Improvement Center

Choreography/ Dance: Nora Chipaumire
Dance: Masaru Kakio, Kentaro Sato
Voice: UMU/ Mayumi Tanaka
Music: ShinBow
Costume: Atsuko Kiyokawa
Venue: Outdoor Event Hall in front of Ie Farm Village Improvement Center

Talk Event/ Document Video Showing and Talk
Creation through presentation, a month residency at Okinawa will be report with talk and showing video document. (film by Chikako Yamashiro)

Naha Aug 2nd (Sun) 13:00-15:00/ no fees
Venue: Naha Activities Support Center/ conference room 3

Nora Chipaumire(Choreography and Dance)
Hiroya Maeda(Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum Vise Principle)
Chikako Yamamoto(Visual artist)
Ritsuko Mizuno(JCDN International Artist in Residence Program Director