Project Concept

JCDN International Dance in Residence Exchange Project


This project aims at providing the participating artists from Japan and overseas with an opportunity for them to broaden their horizons through international exchanges encountering and learning about culture, history, traditional performing arts and other parts of the other country which they have never experienced before, and to create and share high quality, contemporary arts and culture through working together.


Utilizing JCDN’s international network, and working with theaters and art organizations around Japan, we aim to cultivate and develop opportunities and bases for dance residency programs for artists from overseas.
We link and build partnership with art organizations in overseas and invite dance artists from their countries to Japan to work with local artists and create new works. We coordinate the programs and provide support for funding and infrastructure of such programs. We also aim to market the works created through these programs in both domestic and international markets.
We aim to create an environment that enables two-way exchanges so that we not only invite and receive artists from overseas but also send artists from Japan to work with their counterparts at their home base. By implementing projects involving the countries, venues, people and artists of both parties, in the end we aim to build an environment where artists can work, create and present works internationally.